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Keeping your business secure!

Security & Compliance

CTH Technologies has the experience and expertise to guide organizations through the security compliance process and will help your organization comply with FFIEC security guidelines and industry best practices.

Business Intelligence

CTH Technologies’ BI module integrates user data to provide immediate reports and analysis, giving management more data on workforce performance, thus enabling them to make better strategic decisions.

Process Automation

Enables organizations to design, execute, monitor and continuously improve business processes that span organizational boundaries and computer networks, all on automation.

Help Desk Remediation

Cost-effectively reduce the number of trouble tickets generated, improve resolution time and prevent future incidents from occurring all while improving IT staff efficiency.

The BSMS Modules

What Is BSMS

BSMS capture and record events (CARE) technology is taking security to the next level! Click below to find out more!


CTH Technologies is revolutionizing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) by combining technology and process to move businesses from passive detection to active enterprise information protection. The solutions from CTH Technologies are easy to install, deploy, implement and manage. Our all-in-one information protection, content inspection security software solution provides a total cost of ownership advantage to any size organization.


Our software leverages existing IT assets and applications to accelerate information flows, reduce operational errors, eliminate redundant data entry tasks and costly delays in processing. Additionally, ProcessCARE can perform single and multi-directional data migration between any source and target destination.


CTH Technologies’, IntelliCARE module is a comprehensive, easy to use workforce optimization software solution. The solution provides unprecedented visibility into performance operations, user behavior analytics, application performance and utilization data.


CTH Technologies’ SupportCARE module is an innovative tool that can automate incident and problem management support processes.


  • Email Encryption
  • Email Archive
  • Hardware Control
  • Document Management
  • Website Filtering
  • Clipboard Monitoring
  • Application Access
  • Fingerprinting
  • File Shadowing
  • Screen Capture
  • Print Control
  • Content Profiling


  • Helpdesk Remediation
  • Sense Errors
  • PC DNA
  • Problem Recreation
  • Auto-Fix Errors
  • Task Functions
  • Desktop Control


  • Behavior Analytics
  • Website Monitoring
  • Application Usage
  • Application Performance
  • Custom Applications


  • Data Migration
  • Workflow Automation
  • Electronic Employee

"Unlike the other vendors we looked at, the CTH Technologies’ DLP solution provided comprehensive protection for data at rest, data in motion and most importantly data in use.

− Jeff Rolczynski, American National Bank Senior Vice President

"We were pleasantly surprised to discover that many of the tools we were looking at or had deployed on an individual basis were all included in their comprehensive security solution. There’s a lot of functionality for the cost.

− Mike Murphy, Executive Vice President, MECU

"The tool addresses our regulatory compliance issues, end point protection issues, web filtering and encryption requirements. We didn’t know one tool would solve our problem. We definitely were impressed with the SecureCARE solution.

− Jeff Rolczynski, Sr. Vice President, American National Bank