Business intelligence
Superior insight at the user level

Monitor Your Workforce Performance

The Challenge

The combination of an increasingly complex world, the vast proliferation of data and the pressing need to stay one step ahead of the competition has sharpened the focus on using analytics within organizations. Knowing what happened is no longer adequate. Leaders say they need to know what is happening now, what is likely to happen next and what actions they should take.

Some of their concerns are:

Enhance Performance: understanding the “real” user experience, workflow and cycle times
Gain Control: lack of timely information, inaccurate or inconsistent data
Reduce Risk: management or regulatory and security compliance

The Solution

CTH Technologies’, IntelliCARE module is a comprehensive, easy to use workforce optimization software solution. The solution provides unprecedented visibility into performance operations, user behavior analytics, application performance and utilization data.

Additional benefits include:

  • The ability to capture and analyze workforce data in a timely manner (remote & mobile workers)
  • Understand the “true” user experience
  • Create an end-to-end work view which can be used improve operational processes, workforce performance and productivity
  • Streamline and improve the employee appraisal and review process
  • Real-time monitoring enables management to make business decisions faster
  • Effectively manage software license reconciliation and recovery

IntelliCARE Business Intel

Why should you utilize IntelliCARE? Take a look why IntelliCARE is necessary below!

Application Performance


• Real-time monitoring of application response times
• Delivers alerts on performance degradation
• Increases end-user productivity

Application Utilization


• Decreases software license cost and maintenance fees through reconciliation
• Decrease risks regarding SW audit by comparing SW installed vs purchased vs actual usage

Behavioral Analytics


• Compliance requirements safeguarding data
• Increase employee productivity and performance
• Streamlines employee reviews and appraisals
• Legal & HR have forensic reports on users

Why IntelliCARE Solution?

  • Measure real-time application response times at user level and proactively set alerts based on performance thresholds
  • Track specific buttons, windows or screens within an application
  • IT Support will receive real-time degradation alerts when response times are higher than assigned thresholds
  • Report on software license tracking and entitlement
  • Enables software license reconciliation and recovery
  • Save your organization thousands of dollars in unused licenses fees
  • User time sheet – detailed employee activity
  • Monitor websites visited
  • Track number of keystrokes entered daily
  • Provides legal and HR forensics and activity reports
  • Provides compliance information for safeguarding sensitive data

Capture & Monitor

What does IntelliCARE capture and monitor?

  • Desktop Data
  • Customer & Employee Data
  • Application Performance

Analyze Data

Exactly what data can be analyzed?

  • User
  • Machine
  • Application

Optimize Results

Optimize results with access to:

  • End User Productivity
  • Back Office Support
  • Call Center Efficiency
  • Risk Mitigation Compliance

"Monitoring the productivity of a group of data-entry personnel can be challenging. With the CTH Business Intelligence tool deployed we were able to capture the total number of keystrokes by each individual which allowed us to enhance worker efficiency and productivity."

− Renaldo Dixon, Executive Consultant, Credit Builders International

"In the mortgage lending industry the loan processors and underwriters are always under time constraints. The implementation of CTH Technologies BI Module allowed us to review detailed activity reports of our employees and gain insight into how they were utilizing their time."

− Thomas J. Taaffe, Chief Financial Officer, Universal Financial Group, Inc

"The tool addresses our regulatory compliance issues, end point protection issues, web filtering and encryption requirements. We didn’t know one tool would solve our problem. We definitely were impressed with the SecureCARE solution.
stated Jeff Rolczynski, Sr. Vice President, American National Bank"

− Jeff Rolczynski, Sr. Vice President, American National Bank

Satisfied Clients