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No More Manual Processes

The Challenge

Regardless of size, many organizations face similar challenges; departments do not operate as cohesive units, operational systems are not linked and critical applications are not integrated. Other market dynamics such as corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions or even organic growth have left the IT environment with disparate systems, inconsistent processes and diff erent data structures and data formats. These issues can impact your organization’s bottom line and your ability to respond to your customers in a quick and effi cient manner.

Your key business processes can be high-level and strategic in nature, or they can be targeted and tactical. They can cut across organizational boundaries or they can focus in functional areas such as the IT department. As organizations seek out ways to reduce costs and improve effi ciency, they constantly fall short due to the complexities of automating tasks using various scripts, batch fi les, macros and other executables. Without an automation platform that provides an easy to use end-to-end solution, the automation of IT and business processes becomes difficult to implement and very costly to maintain.

The Solution:

Integrated within the CTH Technologies’ Business Solutions Management Suite (BSMS) offering, is our Business Process Automation Module, ProcessCARE, which focuses on automating workflow processes and provides comprehensive data migration capabilities. Our solution enables organizations to design, execute, monitor and continuously improve business processes that span organizational boundaries and computer networks.

Our software leverages existing IT assets and applications to accelerate information flows, reduce operational errors, eliminate redundant data entry tasks and costly delays in processing. Additionally, ProcessCARE can perform single and multi-directional data migration between any source and target destination.

Why ProcessCARE

Why should you utilize ProcessCARE? Take a look at some of the features below.

Customer Challenges

• Lack of data & application integration
• Disparate systems /multiple PC’s on the desktop
• Redundant data entry tasks
• Labor intensive processes
• Manual form processing
• Bi-directional data movement/migration
• Manual network processes

Functional Capabilities

  • Pre-built library of tasks
  • GUI based
  • Event logging
  • Error handling
  • Built-in script support
  • Event based triggers
  • User based triggers
  • Native terminal emulation
  • File management
  • Database automation
  • Email automation
  • ERP automation
  • Active directory support
  • Multi-machine execution
  • Run-time support
  • Secure FTP & HTTP

Work Flow & Process Automation

  • Eliminate redundant data entry
  • Automate data entry/movement
  • Software application testing
  • IT & end-user task automation
  • Mimic an “electronic employee”

Data Migration

  • Move data seamlessly
  • Connect disparate databases/applications
  • ETL (extract, transform, and load) database consolidation
  • Scalable to any size migration
  • Easy of use, does not require complex coding

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The ProcessCARE module can be configured to streamline and automate any business or IT process such as:

• Data access and transformation
• Job scheduling software
• Application integration & migration
• Batch processing
• System monitoring and automated problem resolution
• ODBC/OLE database queries and transactions
• Automated software testing

More Capabilities

  • Timer (benchmark testing)
  • Custom schedules
  • Script editor
  • System monitoring
  • Data access & transformation
  • Modular task creation
  • WMI support
  • Automated problem resolution
  • Automated report generation
  • Batch processing
Assessing the Data

  • Gather information about systems
  • Observe the process
  • Locate source data
Watch Workforce Performance

  • BSMS Agent records the process
  • Capture keystrokes/mouse movements
  • Understand decisions
Where is data going?

  • Create automation process/code
  • Data automatically entered
  • Automatic error detection/correction

"No other application gave us the flexibility and ease of use that ProcessCARE provided. We are saving several hundred man hours every month and more importantly, our researchers now have greater access and visibility into the latest groundbreaking research."

− Dr. Eric Bremer, Children’s Memorial Hospital

"We were pleasantly surprised to discover that many of the tools we were looking at or had deployed on an individual basis were all included in their comprehensive security solution. There’s a lot of functionality for the cost.”
Mike Murphy
Executive Vice President

− Mike Murphy, Executive Vice President, MECU

"The tool addresses our regulatory compliance issues, end point protection issues, web filtering and encryption requirements. We didn’t know one tool would solve our problem. We definitely were impressed with the SecureCARE solution.
stated Jeff Rolczynski, Sr. Vice President, American National Bank"

− Jeff Rolczynski, Sr. Vice President, American National Bank

Satisfied Clients