Information Protection
and Data Governance

The Challenge: Minmize the risk….Stop the breach!

The Challenge

If you have data, you have problems. Your information is at greater risk than ever, evidenced by the recent high profi le attacks that involve theft of confidential and proprietary data from large organizations. No one needs to tell you that customer names, credit card numbers and transaction records must be protected. Governments, insurance companies and various agencies make you follow rules that regulate your data. Data security is becoming more difficult with constantly changing regulations, exorbitant fines and ever evolving attack vectors. Mobile computing, peripheral devices and file sharing software compound the problem.

The Risk

  • Compliance fines – Non-compliance equals stiff penalties and costly law suits
  • Workforce productivity – Enforcing data security rules can create confusing business processes and restricts employees from using tools that increase productivity
  • Company credibility – Negative publicity generated from disparaging posts or any security breaches that must be made public can be visible by millions of people, including existing and potential customers

The Solution: Agent based approach to integrated DLP

CTH Technologies is revolutionizing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) by combining technology and process to move businesses from passive detection to active enterprise information protection. The solutions from CTH Technologies are easy to install, deploy, implement and manage. Our all-in-one information protection, content inspection security software solution provides a total cost of ownership advantage to any size organization.

Why SecureCARE Solution?

  • Agent based security tool
  • Provides protection for Data at Rest, in Motion and in Use
  • Easy to manage, create and customize user security policies
  • 24/7 policy enforcement on or off the network
  • Real-time alerting and reporting as incidents occur
  • Manage compliance requirements and audits worry free
  • 40+ built-in reports
  • Checklist confi gurable dashboard
  • Secure the mobile workforce


What & where is sensitive data?

  • What & where is sensitive data?
  • Monitor & Detect
  • Classification
  • Context
  • Content


What is the user doing with it?

  • Files
  • Email
  • Application Data


Where is data going?

  • Devices
  • Networks
  • Applications
  • Printers
  • IP Address
  • Recipients


What action is appropriate?

  • Incident Alert
  • Prompt User
  • Warn User
  • Encrypt Data
  • Block Action
  • Mask Data

"Unlike the other vendors we looked at, the CTH Technologies’ DLP solution provided comprehensive protection for data at rest, data in motion and most importantly data in use.

− Jeff Rolczynski, American National Bank Senior Vice President

"We were pleasantly surprised to discover that many of the tools we were looking at or had deployed on an individual basis were all included in their comprehensive security solution. There’s a lot of functionality for the cost.

− Mike Murphy, Executive Vice President, MECU

"The tool addresses our regulatory compliance issues, end point protection issues, web filtering and encryption requirements. We didn’t know one tool would solve our problem. We definitely were impressed with the SecureCARE solution.

− Jeff Rolczynski, Sr. Vice President, American National Bank

Satisfied Clients