Improving helpdesk efficiency
through automation!

Improve Customer Service

The Challenge

Over the years, support activities, trouble tickets, and service level expectations have grown in volume and complexity. The costs for supporting your end users continues to escalate while IT budgets have decreased, placing added strain on your shorthanded support staff and help desk. Support teams must deal with a number of challenges including multiple regional, national or global office locations and an increasing number of remote and mobile users.

The end result is an inefficient service support organization with higher costs, dissatisfied and unproductive end users. IT organizations are under pressure to supply higher levels of support to the business, including faster incident resolution and improved service levels to their end users.

The Solution

CTH Technologies’ SupportCARE module is an innovative tool that can automate incident and problem management support processes. Whether implemented as a stand-alone module or as part of the Business Solutions Management Suite (B.S.M.S), SupportCARE can cost-eff ectively reduce the number of trouble tickets generated, improve resolution time and prevent future incidents from occurring all while improving IT staff effi ciency.

SupportCARE Advantages

  • Significantly decrease helpdesk trouble tickets
  • Minimize end-user PC downtime
  • Increase end-user and helpdesk efficiency
  • Auto-send end-user detailed
  • PC DNA error report
  • Snapshot of screen
  • Keystrokes and mouse clicks
  • Installed software
  • Auto-correct common errors as they occur
  • GPF
  • Runtime
  • Application
  • Script
  • Dialog
  • HTTP
  • DEP

The Support System

Reactive Support

  • Real-time awareness of issues incident communication and correction
  • Improve metrics like first call resolution, mean time to repair, recurring incidents
  • Seamless integration with other service management solutions

Proactive Support

  • Significant reduction in call volumes and trouble tickets
  • Provide trend analysis data on IT support issues
  • Real-time support and remediation of local and remote users within minutes

Overall Improvements

  • Increase quality of service, end-user productivity and satisfaction
  • Align service desk functions with business drivers
  • Enable service desk consolidation
  • Reduce overall support costs

"CTH Technologies eliminated about 50% of my monthly help desk trouble tickets by auto correcting my common errors. The SupportCARE solution saved me thousands of dollars per month in support costs."

− Willie Jones, JKV Global

"We were pleasantly surprised to discover that many of the tools we were looking at or had deployed on an individual basis were all included in their comprehensive security solution. There’s a lot of functionality for the cost.”
Mike Murphy
Executive Vice President

− Mike Murphy, Executive Vice President, MECU

"The tool addresses our regulatory compliance issues, end point protection issues, web filtering and encryption requirements. We didn’t know one tool would solve our problem. We definitely were impressed with the SecureCARE solution.
stated Jeff Rolczynski, Sr. Vice President, American National Bank"

− Jeff Rolczynski, Sr. Vice President, American National Bank

Satisfied Clients