Email Monitoring

Monitor all email and attachments. Encryption method is PKzip. Standard default 8 character dictionary password is 128-bit encryption and by requiring complexity forces it to 256-bit encryption.

Hardware Control

The agent has the ability to control any device(s) plugged into a pc. Force encryption to files being sent to removable drives. Block the usage of, CD/DVD, USB Drives, Infrared, Bluetooth, and Floppy.

Document Protection

With CTH Technologies’ document management software, the administrator can lock down file shares to not only read/write access but block them from moving, copying, attaching, renaming, and printing.

Finger Printing

The agent has the ability to tag documents that are considered sensitive based on their location.  Then based on the keyword, the agent can, block or Force encryption on attachments, block uploads, block printing, block copy/paste, and allow via safe domains.

Website Filtering

The agent has the ability to monitor website usage and access, track or block files from being uploaded, block FTP, and block file downloads. Block websites on a safe list, URL patterns, keywords, meta tags and more.

Application Access

The agent has the ability to block applications based on caption, screen text within a caption, manufacturer name – Software company that created the software (i.e. Adobe), and executable name.

CTH Technologies/BSMS Is All You Need!

BSMS helps organizations achieve lower costs of compliance by automating IT audit workflows, harmonizing controls with policy requirements, and providing greater visibility across IT assets for optimal security and compliance management.

SC/Data Protection removes the risk of financial data from being improperly disclosed and enables you to prove compliance with financial industry regulations by providing a detailed audit trail of all device and application execution attempts, tracking data copied to and from removable devices and controlling what data is allowed to be copied to a device at the file level using state-of-the-art AES-256 encryption.

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"We’ve used the software since 2009 and have had great experiences with it. The auditors and examiners are impressed and always have positive things to say about the system once we show them what it does."

− Security Bank

"Understanding user behavior at the desktop made securing the network that much easier!"

− American Midwest Bank

"We were pleasantly surprised to discover that many of the tools we were looking at or had deployed on an individual basis were all included in their comprehensive security solution. There's a lot of functionality for the cost."

− Motorola Employee Credit Union

What Is BSMS?

CTH Technologies’ DLP solution, Business Solutions Management Suite (BSMS) is the most comprehensive, feature rich security tool in the industry today, far surpassing the likes of Symantec, McAfee, RSA or WebSense. The module BSMS within the Event Monitoring & Management Application solution includes features from our previous software products and new functions we have added through our customer feedback. Besides having the most intelligent agent based solution within the DLP space, BSMS provides your organization with benefits in several other functional areas which will impact your bottom line directly. These additional functions and reports include Help Desk Remediation, Application Analytics, User Productivity Reports and Software License Compliance/Usage Reports. All of these features are bundled into our tool today for our clients to take advantage of for one low cost.

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Financial institutions face not only greater regulation in the face of the current economic climate, but also present greater targets because of the vast amounts of sensitive financial and customer data that reside on their networks and how frequently this data must be made accessible.

The insider threat has risen rapidly due to the known value of this information and the increased use of removable devices / media (such as USB flash drives, Ipods, cell phones and CDs/DVDs).

If not prevented, these threats result in data loss or theft, which is potentially disastrous as institutions face high clean-up costs and even worse, the loss of customer trust. The end result is ultimately having these customers taking their business elsewhere. Even so, data breaches continue to occur.

30 percent of these global institutions suffered repeated internal breaches during the same timeframe. The challenge facing these institutions is how to comply with the increasing number of regulations and standards, enforce endpoint security and retain customer loyalty.